Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday's Racing

We had three major races yesterday, to start off the day, Travis B. PR-ed in the 300 hurdles, coming in tenth in the state. He missed finals by a hair, but he raced a great race, he was clean over all the hurdles, and as they say, you can never do better than your best. Awesome job Trav, way to represent!

The second race of the day was the opne 800. Nate P. raced this one, in a stacked field, and came in a shade below 1:59. It was super tough race, plus Nate was running on a bum ankle that he told no one about. I am very proud of Nate, he is only a junior, and I think he gained some valuable experience in that race. The open 800 is a sprint, that is not in lanes, so there is a lot of "rubbing and racing" ! Nate did an excellent job, and he represented CHS extremely well.

It wouldn't surprise me if they go to prelims for the 800 next year. If you watch it, it really is a brutal race with 18 kids in it. There is more elbowing and fighting for position than anything else, and by the time you get your position, you have only 75 meters left and you are exhausted. Something like two heats of 9 kids, with the top two automatically qualifying to finals, and the next best five times, or something like that. I think 18 is too many kids for that race, cutting it in half would make for a true test of 800 racing ability.

The last race of the day was the women's 4 x 200, and with three girls going under 26.0 seconds, they came in 8th overall in the State, a huge accomplishment. With a great starting leg by Emily S. superb running i the middle with Katelyn W. and Brandis H. and a great anchor leg out of Alexis G., the girls were less than one second off the school record. Fantastic! Great work ladies!

Today is the last day of competition, with Keagan V. gunning to shock some people in the mile. It's going to be a hot one, which plays right in Keagan's wheelhouse. See you at the meet!


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