Monday, May 3, 2010

Record Setting Weekend

I just got a tweet alerting me to video footage of Chris Solinsky's record setting 10km on the track from this weekend. He ran a 26:59, that works out to twenty-five sub 65 second a row! He ran a 1:56 last 800. Just to let that sink in, he ran 23 laps at 65 or less, then he dropped a 1:56! Sure, Solinsky was a stud in college, but this performance is truly a testament to the hard work and pure joy he has integrated into his training and racing. Just listening to the announcers going berserk in the last 1600 meters gives me goosebumps!

How does this pertain to CHS track? Well, this is an example of what we all can do, because we all have this performance in us somewhere. We might not be setting American records, but if we celebrate and embrace our training, and we find the joy of racing, then all of us can go down in the record books in some shape or form. We just need to let the performances come, not force them.



Anonymous said...

Sep its Cabbage. Could you put up some results from friday? I need to see how the wonder boy nathan is doing. Thanks!

Sep said...

Hey Cabbage,

I thought Friday was a tough meet for us, but I think my standards are pretty high.

Here is a sampling:
Nathan ran a 1:59/51.25 800/4 x 400 leg
Keagan ran a 2:04/9:59 800/3200
Katelyn ran a 2:22/sub-60 800/4 x 400 leg
and Brian Petty dropped a 51.09 4 x 400 leg!

This weekend is a new meet, Cherry Creek Invite, and I think we will do really well there!