Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Plans

A lot of atheltes have been asking what they should do for training over the summer. My suggestion, whether you are coming back to CHS or moving onto the next level, is simple. MILES. Miles and miles and miles. The more aerobic running you can get under your belt this summer, the better you will be able to handle the intervals in the fall. Maybe do some light hill repeats, or some easy tempo repeats once a week, but varied aerobic running will best serve you for your fall campaign.

My summer will be spent with my wife and daughter, riding bikes, heading up to the mountains, brewing beer, working in the yard. I will not be doing regular Red Rocks sessions this summer, but you are more than welcome to attack that on your own. I hope all of you have a great summer, please keep in touch, and I am grateful to each and every one of you. In fact, I would like to thank you all personally for a wonderful and fulfilling track season.

Thanks Nate.
Thanks Keagan.
Thanks Ryan.
Thanks Justin.
Thanks Brenden.
Thanks Jonny.
Thanks Josh.
Thanks Alec.
Thanks James.
Thanks Cam.
Thanks Bryce.
Thank Ryan.
Thanks Katelyn.
Thanks Caroline.
Thanks Kendall.
Thanks Jordan.
Thanks Anna.
Thanks Charlie.
Thanks Matty.
Thanks Steven.
Thanks Janey.
Thanks Chelsea.
Thanks Janelle.
Thanks Brian.
Thanks Patches.
Thanks Travis
Thanks Zach.
Thanks Caleb.
Thanks Boomer.
Thanks Karlie.
Thanks Michelle.
Thanks Hanna.
Thanks Matt.
Thanks Liz.
Thanks Ashley.

Have a great summer everyone, take a couple weeks off, then get back on the running train. Don't force any structured intervals or anything like that, just go out and run on the trails for the sheer joy of it.


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