Monday, May 17, 2010

State Qualifiers

Here are the 2010 CHS State Qualifiers.

Sprint Medley:

Sant, Hughes, Grimm, Larsen Alt: Vazquez & Yeager

4 x 200 m Girls:

Sant, Wojan, Hughes, Grimm Alt: Vazquez & Yeager

4 x 800 m Boys:

Bull, Bills, Vargo, Purdue Alts: Burt & Richards

4 x 100 Girls:

Sant, Follett, Hughes, Grimm Alt: Edginton

4 x 100 Boys:

McHenry, Petty, Henry, Whipple Alt: Ray

Discus Boys:


Discus Girls:


Shotput Girls:


100 Hurdles:


300 Hurdles Boys:


Pole Vault Girls:


High Jump Girls:

Follett, Bacovin

Triple Jump Girls:


3200 Girls:


3200 Boys:


800 Boys:


1600 Boys:


For a complete schedule, please click here.



Anonymous said...

Where is the girls' 4x8? Did I read right that Wojan is in a sprint relay? I think we are out of the loop??! Usually you put pics of the kids on your blog for state, what's up?

Anonymous said...

The distance MVP didn't even make state for a distance event....humm.... looks like CAROLINE did. She's MVP in my book, and probably the most modest athlete I have ever met. Seems like she is always sacrificing for her team. I recall a state race last year she gave up for a 4x800 relay that was going to win--that's a selfless athlete.

Best of luck in the 32 this weekend Caroline!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous how about if you keep your rude comments to yourself! Do you even know Katelyn and the sacrifices she has made for track? No she didn't make it to state in a distance event, she was ranked 19th which is what Caroline was in the 2 mile until someone scratched. This is supposed to be a team! I doubt if the Coaches made this blog with the intention of it becoming a place to bash on your fellow teammates!

Brian Seppala said...

Hey anonymous I,

Shoot me an email, and I will explain the reasoning behind the girls 4 x 800.

Hey anonymous II,

Shoot me an email and I will explain the reasoning behind the selection of distance awards.


P.S. Thanks for creating unnecessary controversy during the most important week of the year for us, we appreciate it. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like you have to be in the running club to win this award... unless you're the beautiful Alex.

kjd11323 said...

GO CHAP TRACK!!! Best of luck at state to all the athletes! Dominate like always! I wish I could be there to cheer you on!