Saturday, September 15, 2012

District Championship Analysis

Final Varsity Race Scores
Our last race of the season was this morning, the district championship race down in Larkspur.  Every school in DougCo was there, ready to race and compete and try and win that elusive overall title.  I was pretty excited about our chances to win, but we did not.  We came in a very honorable third place overall, actually relying upon a tiebreaker with Mesa to keep the bronze all to ourselves.

(You might be wondering how this is scored.  At dual meets, you add points, but at the nine team district meet, you add places.  For example, Mountain Ridge easily won.  They got a first, a first, a first and a second, for a total of five.  RanchView was second, with a total of 13.  We tied with Mesa with 17, but then you go to overall points.  We had 435, they had 484, we win the tiebreaker!)

While there were some quirks in the management of the race that I am sure will be worked out next year, I thought everyone had a positive experience, everyone ran their guts out for their teammates & their schools, so it was a very successful day.  It was a great way to end a great season.  You should all be patting yourselves on the back for racing so well today.

Personally, I am very proud of all the athletes who sacrificed all season long to be on this team, as well as sacrificing to come to this championship meet.  I hope the season exceeded all of your expectations and you are all better runners and athletes because of it.  I want to thank all of the parents for all of the support and kind words throughout the season, it truly is a triangle, between athlete, coach and parent. And finally, I need to throw a major shout-out to some of the best coaches I have worked with, Adam, Brent & Nicole, the success of this season is due in large part to you.

See you all at the banquet on Monday night, it is going to be a blast!!!

Thank you,

Coach SEP

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