Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Week of XC :(

Good morning everybody, 

I am sad to report that this is the final week of cross country, but that means one thing...CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!  Our district championships are this Saturday morning down in Larkspur.  I am really excited, because I think, with our team depth in all categories, we have an excellent chance of winning the overall team title.  In order to achieve that goal, however, we need the following:

An excellent week of practice:  We have meets on Tuesday (@ Sagewood) and Thursday (@ Sierra), so Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be full days for us, but easy days.  These last few days of practice are critical, as it the last chance for us to work out any kinks the runners might have.  For Tuesday, we hope to see a lot of people down at Sagewood, and Thursday is our final home meet, against our rivals from Cimarron.  We will be hoping to run the fastest we have ever run on the Sierra course that day!  

Excellent H.N. R. at home:  H.N.R. stands for Hydration, Nutrition and Relaxation.  Please make sure your athlete is drinking plenty of water, eating really good nutritious foods, and getting lots of sleep this week.  Saturday is a fun, but stressful day in a lot of ways, and the athletes need to be prepared going into it.  Don’t do anything radically different, just keep your child eating well, drinking lots, and going to bed at a good time.

Positive reinforcement always:  This week at practice, we won’t do much running, but we will do a lot of building the athletes up and making sure they KNOW how great they are.  They have survived the four hardest, grueling, back-breaking weeks of middle school athletics, and they have all come out stronger, tougher, faster and gutsier because of it.  They need to know that, they need to know that they are amazing athletes, that they are fantastic runners, and they need to bring that self-confidence to the meet on Saturday.  We will be giving them that confidence at practice, help us out by continuing it at home!

I have already posted the Saturday schedule, check it out if you need more details.  Can’t wait for a great last week!

Coach SEP

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