Friday, September 7, 2012

Week Four Review

The Sierra Eagles survived the fourth week of the season still undefeated, this is how we did it.

Rocky Heights:  Away meets are always tough, but we went over to Rocky Heights, ran their out-and-back course, and came away with a win.  We had great performances all around, especially from all the seventh graders.  The level of depth we have in the 7th grade is amazing, I think it is really going to come in handy on Sept. 15th.  Racers that stand out in my dust-filled mind are Addy Burgess, Sydney White, Thomas Muerer, and Ally Swain.  They had great races on Wednesday, they should be proud of themselves!  That led to a convincing victory over the Nighthawks of Rocky Heights.

Ranchview:  Ranchview is always a tough team.  They have excellent coaches, they get lots of kids out, I was really worried that we would lose to them.  But again, our seventh grade depth came through, along with a healthy dose of 8th graders stepping it up.  Dani Miller and Collete Palmquist had awesome  races, saving the 8th grade girls from a loss, so did Vanessa Castro on the 7th grade girls side.  For the men, Tad Trimarco ran very, very well on our home course, and so did Blake Karbon.  On the 7th grade boys side, Charlie Beller came back from illness to place very high, and so did Sydney Mathews on the 8th grade ladies side. It was tough, but we scratched out a win over Wolves of Ranchview.

Results: I have posted the results from both races below, as well as the results from the first Sierra race. In cross country, you just can't compare times from course to course.  What I did was compare the athletes from when they raced the Sierra course in August to when they raced it yesterday.  Of course, there are always variables, such as back-to-back races, heat and humidity, and knowledge of the course.  But what we always want to see from athletes is improvement.  We want them to get better every day, because if we don't continually improve, then we will get caught at the end of the season.   I saw a lot of kids improve, but I also saw a lot of kids get slower.  A negative sign in front of your percentage means you actually ran the course slower than you did two weeks ago.  That is not ideal.  We have one more race at home next week, let's make it our goals to have our personal best time on our course next Thursday.  Always try and do better than your best!

7Boys Week 4 Data

7Girls Week 4 Data

8Boys Week 4 Data

8Girls Week 4 Data

Overall, it was a successful week. We had two races, we won both of them, we had no injuries, so it was a good week.  One more short practice today, then the weekend, then championship week!  I can't wait for Sept. 15th, I really like our chances!!!!

UPDATE: A little bird on my shoulder alerted me to a couple of misfirings in the data.  I guess that happens when you are entering 122 data points during homeroom! :)  Grayson Arstingstal actually ran a 10:35 yesterday, improving his time by four seconds, for a positive increase of 0.63% Great job Grayson! Sorry for the misstep.

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