Friday, September 14, 2012

Monday Banquet

While I am excited for this weekend and the championship races, I am also super excited for Monday's banquet.  In the linked post, I gave bare bones details, but in this post I want to explain the reasoning and culture behind our banquet.

At Sierra, at the end of every season, the coaches of each sport usually throw a pizza party after school for their athletes, to celebrate a memorable season.  While a pizza party is a great way to celebrate, the XC team tries to do something a little more.  We have a potluck banquet for the athletes and their families, and it is a fantastic time.

Attendance is not mandatory, but we usually get almost 100% attendance.  We have a slide show with music so dance parties usually break out.  We have tons of wonderful food that the athletes and their families prepare for us, ranging from homemade pizzas to chicken wings to 15 or so crockpots bubbling away.  The coaches will be handing out awards, giving speeches, cracking jokes; all to the embarrassment of their families that are in attendance.  The coveted "black shoelaces" will be bestowed upon the 8th graders, which is usually the highlight of the night.  Around 7:30, everything is all cleaned up, everyone has one last hug, and we close up shop for the night.

The banquet is a great time for athletes and families to have one last fun time together before other sports pull us in different directions.  Cross country season forms a strong bond between all of the kids, and the banquet is the best way to celebrate it.

I personally hope to see all of the parents and athletes there on Monday.  I know the Broncos are playing, but that is what DVR is for, right? :)

Coach SEP

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