Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post Season Training

I have had quite a few requests for ideas about post season training.  It seems like a lot of kids have caught the running bug, and we want to keep them training hard on a regular basis.

For 7th graders who ran XC for us, I strongly suggest either participating in as many Sierra sports as you can all winter long.  Flag football and volleyball registration ends tomorrow, but later in the year we offer wrestling and basketball, then track in the spring.  Stay involved, play after school sports!

For 8th graders, there are no immediate after school sports for them.  I think the Parker Panthers is a great running club, the coaches are phenomenal, and fast kids come out of that program every year.

For high school athletes, as well as 8th graders who ran XC, we offer a winter track club through USATF.  This track club starts up at the beginning of November, and we train at Chaparral HS right after school, offering training for all athletes in all track (and field) events.  We do charge a fee for the training, but the money goes 100% back into the athletes and the club.  No coaches trip to Jamaica for us! :)  You also have to be a registered USATF member for insurance purposes.

The coaches that run the track club are having a meeting in early October to figure out the exact details of the club.  Check back here on the blog in mid-October for all the details, but start getting excited now!

Coach SEP

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