Friday, September 7, 2012

Sept. 15th Championship Meet Information

Our district championship schedule has just been set by Cimaron MS, the hosting school.

The meet will be held at the Larkspur Renaissance Fairgrounds, off of Perry Park Rd. in Larkspur.  We use the parking lot directly across from the Larkspur Elementary School.  

The race is on Sept. 15th, the first races are at 9:00, the last ones go off at 10:00.   If we are still in Larkspur at 11:00 am, something has gone wrong. :)

Everyone races, but athletes will divided up into varsity races or open races, depending on how well they have raced through the year, how well they are racing right now, and meet/practice attendance.

The exact race schedule is
9:00 am Varsity 8th graders (top seven boys and top seven girls from each school)
9:20 am Varsity 7th graders (top seven boys and top seven girls from each school)
9:40 am Open 8th graders (all 8th graders who did not race varsity)
10:00 am Open 7th graders (all 7th graders who did not race varsity)

We need all racers to be there 60 minutes before thier race start for course preview and warm-ups.  Earlier is always better.

Please pack heavily.  Lots of warm clothes, snacks and water.  This is an all morning event, we want racers to be as prepared as possible.  We have run this meet in a snowstorm, in a windstorm, and on a 80 degree day (not all at the same time though!) Be prepared!

If you cannot make this mandatory championship meet, please alert me as soon as you can.  We need to know who will be there and who will not so we can set our line-ups.  There is no bus, so athletes must find thier own ride to and from the meet.

Questions? Email me!

Thank you,
Coach SEP

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