Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sierra vs. Sagewood Analysis

What a great day for a race.  Overcast, not too hot, a few raindrops falling here and there.  I was telling a dad as we walked in that I have been to Sagewood to race 6 times in 12 years. This was the 6th time, and it was the first time we did not have rain, lightning, or even snow (circa 2004) delay the race!  I was so glad the weather gods were smiling upon us.

But enough Al Roker for you, how about some thoughts on the performance of the kids today.  First and foremost, you gotta hand it to the 7th grade girls and boys.  Once again, they turned themselves inside out and showed the incredible depth and talent that Sierra has. On the boys side, the 7th graders got 18 of the top 25 places.  That is unbelievable!  Just mind boggling that we have that many great runners here at Sierra.  Sagewood is no slouch, they have good coaches and they train hard.  And to place that many guys in the top 25 is just awesome!  For the 7th grade girls, Syd the kid won her 5th consecutive race, in fact, she would have been in 3rd place in the boys race!  That is just fantastic.  And we had a ton of girls just hammering that last hill, Abby, Kiera, Cristin, Vanessa all had wonderful races today.  Both the 7th grade boys and girls won easily over Sagewood.

The 8th graders had a much tougher time with Sagewood, as the Wildcats came in first individually in each race.  However, the depth of the girls, even with holding out some kids so they can get healthy, let us prevail in that race by 18 points. Becca, Dani, and Natalia all had great races and helped us seal up the victory there.  The closest race we have been in all year was on the 8th grade boys side.  Sagewood won that race by three points, but Tad, Blake, Kyle, Dylan, Jack and Zach all did a great job of making them work as hard as they could for it.  Losing by three points means it could have gone either way on any give day, so we look forward to the re-match on Saturday.

Overall, the Eagles won by 104 points, which means that our training and our practice is paying off.  Congrats Eagles, one more big race against Cimmaron at home on Thursday, then off to District Championships!

Coach SEP

Bailey and Ethan sprinting home

Kiera and Collete lunging for the finish line

Sydney winning her 5th in a row

Kellen and Caleb passing a Wildcat

Abby finishing off the best race of her career, Kyle is close behind

Connor, Ashley and Patrick gapping a Wildcat in the distance

Coach Sep bringing the 8th graders out to help the 7th graders kick it home.

7Boys Results

7Girls Results 

8Boys Results

8Girls Results

Our last home meet of the season is this Thursday when Cimarron comes to ou course.  Cimarron is a heated rival for us, we will need all the support you can get.  Fly the grandparents in from the East Coast if you have to, the louder it is for Sierra, the better we run!!!

Coach SEP

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