Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Final Ski Trip Details


After a lot of organizing, I think we have it all set for the ski trip this Friday.  If people still want to go, just shoot me an email, and I can try and make arrangements. But, I wanted to get everything set in stone as early as possible, to make it easier for the people at Devils Thumb.

I will be up in Fraser already, and I will monitor the roads. If the roads are even a little bit sketchy, then you will have an early Friday morning text canceling the trip.  No text, that means the trip is on.

Be at the high school by 7:00 am.  Ryan K., Jordan T. and Mrs. Schultz will be there ready to drive up to the mountains.  Ryan will be taking Zach Y, Erika C and Jess N. Jordan will be taking Devin R, Nikki F, and Dom C. Mrs. Schultz will be taking Austin D, Emily W, Kelly S,  Ciara D, and Ellen D.  Please remember to bring a little extra money to give to your driver for gasoline.

Classic Skiing
The drive is about 100 miles from Parker. The route is easy, E-470 up to I-70 West, through Idaho Springs.  Turn onto Rt. 40 (exit 232) into Empire. Go carefully up and over Berthoud Pass, into the village of Winter Park.  From there, is about 6 miles to the right hand turn onto CR 83. This is a three mile long dead end road that leads to Devils Thumb Ranch.  Reid and I will be waiting in the ski shop, just find some parking and look for "Zach's Mercantile" For exact directions, go here for the google maps link.

I would bring a lunch, and plenty of water. If you have a CamelBak, now is the perfect time to use it. Bring some sunscreen, as Devils Thumb Ranch is in a mountainous reflective bowl, and if it is sunny, is can really cook ya.  Bring some dry clothes to change into for the ride home, and wear your ski clothes. Bring a camera too, the scenery is gorgeous! The weather looks to be in the teens, so I would wear medium thickness socks; two pairs of tights and maybe some windpants over them; a long underwear top, a medium weight fleece top and maybe a Chap track hoodie over that. I would make sure to bring a good winter hat, excellent gloves, and sunglasses.  Cross country ski clothes are basically running clothes, and if you dress in layers, you can always take off what you don't need.
Skate Skiing

We will check in upon arrival, get hooked up with rental equipment, then get a classic ski in.  Then we will have some lunch, and head out for a skate ski. After that, the exhausted drive home begins.  Pretty simple day, but I am super excited for it, and can't wait to see everyone up there!

Email me with questions, comments, concerns, and I will do my best to figure anything out -- SEP

UPDATE There has been a change in driving. One driver cannot go. If there is anyone who can drive, please let me know as soon as possible.


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