Saturday, February 9, 2013

Skied Every Trail

Devils Thumb Ranch Trail Map

This morning, I finally skied every trail at Devils Thumb Ranch. I woke up early, got out there as the sun was rising, and skied up "Priceless", the last trail on my bucket list. This is a trail that leads to nowhere off of Lactic Grande, but it was the last uncharted territory for me. It took me three winters, but I got them all checked off.
The only turn-around trail at DTR

If I had to rank my five favorite trails to ski at DTR, it would go:
1. Waxwing - love the narrow trees heading up
2. Molly's Meadow - best views on the property
3. Ram's Curl - around the farmhouse is a great downhill
4. Jager - the best green trail on site
5. Black 10 - Crime and Punishment hills are jaw-dropping

Looking towards Byers Peak

It's a good thing I got out first thing in the morning.  The weather was gorgeous, there was even a warm spring wind blowing that made me unzip my jacket for a few minutes as I was really overheating.  By contrast, later this morning, the weather had turned into a blizzard and visibility was down to nothing.  That didn't stop Chloe from celebrating Mardi Gras though!

Chloe on the Manger Loop

Want to experience this? It just so happens we are organizing a ski trip this Friday! Sign up on the blog a few posts down this weekend and we'll figure out the details on Wednesday. 


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