Thursday, February 21, 2013

Top Nine

Top Nine

I have spent the past couple days working on this, and it is finally complete. It is a record of the top nine time in each distance event for each gender separated by month in Chaparral school history.  (Or at least as far as I go back, which is 2003-2004.)  In other words, this list ranks the fastest race times by month for the past ten years or so.

I was lucky enough to have a record of each time as well as be able to go on the internet and cross check any times I am not 100% sure of.

Asterisks mean that that spilt was run in a relay, with a running start. Italics represent the average of the nine times.

I think this will be af particular interest to kids on the team this year, hopefully they will try and race and crack into some of these lists.  I also think some alums will find it interesting, to see how their marks have held up over the years.

Comment away, this could be an interesting discussion!



Kelsey Dutton said...

One, the athletes of the Chaparral Track and Field team are lucky to have your dedication to this program. Two, I am shocked any of my times have held up over the years -- a little proud of myself and inspired to go for a run right now!

I would love to see the women's mile drop below the 5:15 mark or even 5 flat. I bet the same woman could drop 2:10 in the 800. But this is from an old lady who is far from the 5:20 of '07.

Some great memories here. Thanks Sep!

Sep said...

It was fun going through those old times, it really is pretty cool how some of the older ones have stood up over all these years. Some of Dani's 2005 times and of course Kirsten's state meet time are pretty impressive.

We got some really good girls this year. A couple seniors, a really promising freshman. I think that girls mile record could come crashing down sooner than we think!


Zach Hauer said...

This is great Sep.

Hopefully this will show the current runners the importance of training through races and to trust in the peak, even if you aren't posting the times you want earlier in the season...

or maybe this shows to not screw around with bball in the winter.

Sep said...

Good point. Early season times do not seem to be very indicative of championship season times. While there are a few kids who are on the lists for every month, lots of kids seem to crop up later like you said, just in time for the final weeks of the season.

I liked watching the average time for each race just drop like a stone!