Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Disney Trip Costs Update

Well, the airline tickets are booked, the hotel rooms are reserved, the mini-vans are gassed up, and the athletes are registered in the meet. Now we just gotta figure out how we are gonna pay for all of this. :)

The athlete was asked to pay for the airline ticket as well as their share of the hotel room. Chaparral Track & Field is paying for meet registration, oversized baggage fees, all food costs, and ground transportation.  CHS T&F is also playing for the volunteer coaches to be at the meet.

Here is the breakdown.  Through Southwest group sales, I found airline tickets, all on the same plane, for $278.80 one way. (Trust me, as someone who flies back east on a yearly basis, under 300 bucks for a non-stop ticket is a steal!)  That adds up to a $557.60 round trip, non-stop, ticket to Orlando. I insisted on everyone being on the same plane to avoid anyone getting lost at the airport or en route to the hotel.

Each Marriott hotel room, through a generous alumni benefactor, worked out to $191.76, including taxes and fees, for both nights. This includes pool, breakfast and never-smoked-in rooms (if you have ever stayed in a hotel that used to be smoker friendly, you know it is miserable).  The other great thing about this hotel is that is is very close to the actual track stadium. This allows the coaches to take athletes over in shifts, so they do not have to bake in the hot Florida sun for hours on end. I'll be honest, I was really psyched to secure this hotel for under 100 bucks a night, especially being so close to Disney World. Ask Beth, I was used to staying in fleabag motels that open up directly to the street miles from anywhere. This place is an upgrade for me!

The room pricing is going to be broken up based on how many athletes are staying in each room. The men, they will all be four to a room, so that is going to be $47.94 for boarding for each male; and the women are staying in one room of two ($95.88) and one room of three ($63.92). I will discuss which women want to stay in a double and which ones in a triple, based on roommate preferences and cost, today at practice.

Each of you gave me at least $200 bucks at the meeting in Bowman's room a few months ago. The remainder of the cost for the men is going to be $557.60 + $47.94 - $200 = $405.54.  I realize I said it would be a little less, but costs came out to be a little more than expected. The women will be a bit more, ($557.60 + $63.92 or $95.88 - $200 leads to $453.48 or $421.52), and again, that is more than expected, but  I shopped around and tried to get the least expensive deals for us that were still safe and allowed us to compete at our best.

Everything is paid for, and because of that, CHS T&F is kind of in the red. I asked for the money by March 8th, and I can stick by that, but if you can get that to me any earlier, that would be awesome.  I know some of you (Austin S., Spencer B) have slightly different accommodations, and we can talk about that in private.

I am really looking forward to this trip, track & field season is almost upon us, and we are gonna really compete well down there in Orlando!


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