Thursday, February 28, 2013

Message to the Parents

We had a great turn-out last night at the parent meeting, I was so happy to meet so many new parents, and to re-connect with veteran parents. A mom brought up the topic of my blog, and if you are reading this, than you have found it. I just emailed all of the coaches links to be able to post on my blog, so try to come here for any critical info not just on distance kids, but also on all the other disciplines as well.

Also, if you have any questions about, or are interested in signing up to help with: running the League Championships meet, working in the concessions shack, co-ordinating rides home from far away meets, bringing healthy snacks to the meets, silent auction in the fall, or anything else related to CHS T&F, please email me anytime, my email address is under my picture over on the right.

Thanks for supporting your son or daughter or both this season, I know we will have a great year!  SEP

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