Wednesday, May 8, 2013

League Champs Heat Sheets

The heat sheets for Cont. League Champs are out. I have gone through and highlighted each CHAP entry.

Click on the link below to get a closer look at them.

The biggest thing I get from heat sheets is not the competition, but rather how much time/how many heats we have before our events so we can time our warm-up correctly.

Continental League Heat Sheets


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Jared Liberatore said...

I just wanted to say great job in the 3200 today. I really enjoyed watching Dom in this race. I turned to Jen around lap 3 or 4 and said "Look how relaxed he looks." Only a well coached kid who knows exactly what he needs to do looks that comfortable in a race like that.

Watching the track events today made me realize once again how lucky I am to be part of this program. The team support from the camp in the stands was great and you could hear it all over the track. It's refreshing, and inspiring.

In fact, it's inspired me to do this: I am publicly putting my throwers on blast. We need to score points tomorrow, period. I don't care if we have to balance the shot on our foot and kick it 50 feet. We are too good of a track program to have zero contributions from our throwers. Everyone else on this team is leaving their heart on the track and we need to do the same. Being a young group is no longer an acceptable excuse to suck. Issac, R.J., and Jen need to step up. Anybody can tell people how far they throw. Talk is cheap. I don't want to have to tell anyone ever again. I want to show them. Let's show them.

- Liberatore