Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Chloe!

This tweet brought back some happy memories of today.

tell Chloe happy birthday from me! I hope you guys have a nice day

Quite a haul
It was four years ago today that my lovely daughter Chloe was born. We had chocolate chip pancakes and opened presents this morning.  It was the perfect way to start they day. Happy birthday, Clo, I love you!

It was also this day four years ago that Alex, Taylor, Nate and Johnny won a state title in the 4x800. I was lucky enough to get there about 20 minutes before the race started. I had been up all night with Beth (who was the real MVP of that day), and I will never forget seeing Coach Jared Neale before the race. He immediately hugged me and congratulated me on Chloe's birth (everyone knew where I was) and I replied, "We haven't won anything yet!" Ugh. What was I thinking??

Anyways, I can only hope for half of as successful day this week.  If all our guys run their best races, we got a shot. And I truly believe they got that in them. So does the birthday girl.



Teidt said...

I thought it was Alex, Taylor, Nate, and Derek?

Derek Eidt said...

Yeah geez, I guess I've been a little out of touch recently though...

Sep said...

Ugh. Massive mistake on my part. Teidt is correct, it was Derek who ran that spectacular lead off leg. Sorry Derek.