Thursday, May 2, 2013

Updated Pueblo Schedule

This is the latest information from the meet director. Please read carefully, there are a few small, but important changes.

12:30 – Coaches Meeting, south end of track - I know a few of you are coming for distance events only. The main thing you need to know is the schedule below. We won't start 1600s before 7 PM. Arrive in plenty of time for kids to warm up, however.

Afternoon Session - boys heats will precede girls heats to provide some space between SMR8s and girls 100s
1:00 - SMR8 (girls only)
1:15 - 100s
1:50 - 100H/110H
2:30 - 4x200
2:50 - 800 (three heats per gender)
3:20 - 4x100
3:40 - 400
4:15 - 300H
4:50 - 4x800 (two heats boys, one heat girls)
5:35 - 200
6:00 - Break (time to visit concessions, buffer if afternoon events run a little late)

Evening Session - we may move through this session slightly ahead of schedule, time schedule given is an approximation. We will do introductions of top heat for each gender for both 1600s and 3200s
7:00 - 1600
     Girls Heat 1
     Boys Heat 1
     Girls Heat 2
     Boys Heat 2
     Girls Heat 3
     Boys Heat 3
8:00 - 4x400 (2 heats per gender, girls heats first, then boys heats)
8:25 - 3200 
     Girls Heat 1
     Boys Heat 1
     Girls Heat 2
     Boys Heat 2

Field Events:

1 PM Start - Boys PV, TJ, SP, Girls DT, LJ, HJ

3:45 PM Start - Boys DT, LJ, HJ, Girls PV, TJ, SP

There will be a parking fee for close-in parking for anyone except school vehicles and coaches. Try to let your parents know.

I have one other request. I know there are a lot of parents coming down to watch the meet. If those parents could help the team out by bringing some healthy snacks, that would be really awesome. Each parent does not have to feed the entire squad, but if each CHS car could snag one bag of tangerines, or one box of granola bars, or one canister of powdered gatorade, etc, etc. that would be really huge. When you get here, you can just drop it off at camp, or with a coach. I do not know this stadium lay-out at all, so I do not know where our team camp will be, but we will make sure the athletes get all the nutritious, full-of-energy food you bring. Parents might not be able to be in the camp with the kids, and that's OK, but any help you can give us in that area would be great!


P.S. Sorry about the big white formatting block. I am working on this from my phone, and the copy/paste feature is making some background mistakes. I hope it still readable and clear.


Anonymous said...

How about an address to the stadium for the parents that will be going to Pueblo to watch. Thanks.

Sep said...

Sorry, didn't get your request until now.

One step ahead of ya, anonymous. :)