Monday, May 6, 2013

Dave Sonka

Cpl. David Sonka

Dave Sonka was a former student and classmate of mine. He was killed in action serving our country this weekend in Afghanistan.

While I feel pretty numb right now, I can tell you this. Dave was a smart kid, a hard working competitive runner with a great sense of wit and humor. I remember all the shenanigans he and his cronies (Ethan, Jack, etc) would all get into; going on long runs with him on the Cherry Creek trail, before the new bridge was put in; Dave racing his brains out at JV meets. I remember him being a great representative of what Chaparral stood for.

I am very honored to say that this brave man was a Wolverine runner. I thank him for serving our country, and hope his family finds some solace knowing he died defending our freedoms.

Thanks Sonka,


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Anonymous said...


I feel your pain. One of my student-athletes at UK passed away in his sleep back in the late 80's. It was a very difficult time for me and the entire team.

I can relate to how attached you become to some of these kids. They are truly amazing and impossible to replace.

Thank you for your commitment and passion to the sport and to our children.