Tuesday, May 14, 2013

State Championship Schedule

I wish I could be as fancy as Coach Whitenack with his embedded pdf files, but I gotta go old school on this post. Just typing it all out by hand, but I think I will get the information across.

The meet is being held up at Jefferson Country Stadium. This is located at 6th Ave and Kipling.  It is about 30 minutes away from Chaparral HS with no traffic. However, on I-25, there is no such thing as no traffic, so please give yourself plenty of time to get there, at least an hour, in my estimation.

We will have set up our camp in the SE corner of the complex, inside the fence. When you arrive, call me to gt your athlete pass. Please try to arrive as a group so we can give you the athlete passes all at once. Nothing is more frustrating for a coach to have to keep running back to the NE entrance to deliver passes to get in on the day of a big meet.

The meet is spread over three days. The first day is Thursday, and we have:

Pole Jump - 8:30 am - Nolan
100m Prelims - 8:50 - Alek - Heat 1
3200m Finals - 9:10 - Dominic
400m Prelims - 11:00 - Alek - Heat 2
Discus Finals - 11:00 - Jenny - Flight 2
4x800m Finals - 11:35 - James, Johnny, Ryan, Devin (Dom & Trav)
200m Prelims - 12:50 - Alek - Heat 3 (tie for 18th, three heats total)

Friday's schedule:
4x100 Prelims - 9:30 am - Katrina, Jenna, Katie & Olivia - Heat 2 / Austin, Spencer, Drew & Javon - heat 2
High Jump - 10:30 - Katrina
300H Prelims - 10:55 - Jenna - Heat 1
800m Finals - 12:50 - Devin
4x400 Prelims - 4:10 - Dane, Ryan, Devin, Alek (Johnny & Drew) - Heat 1

Saturday's schedule:
100m Finals - 10:30 - Alek?
400m Finals - 11:30 - Alek?
200m Finals - 1:40 - Alek?
300H Finals - 2:00 - Jenna?
4x100 Finals - 3:35 - Katrina, Jenna, Katie & Olivia? / Austin, Spencer, Drew & Javon
1600m Finals - 4:00 - James & Dominic
4x400 Finals - 5:10 - Dane, Ryan, Devin, Alek (Johnny & Drew)?

When you look at it this way, we got a lot of kids going to State, which is pretty awesome. I can say I achieved 1/2 of my goal. We got boys in all the track events (100/200/400/800/1600/3200) plus 3/4 of the relays (4x1/4x4/4x8), now we just gotta get some girls running in these events. Next year for sure we will get some in, I am confident of that.

Easy day at practice today, psych up day tomorrow, race like the wind on Thursday. I can't wait!


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