Sunday, May 5, 2013

League Champs Schedule

Below is the official League Championships schedule for this weekend.

Line-ups will be posted Tuesday night.

The meet will be held at the big stadium down in Parker.

If the weather is poor on Thursday, we will move Thursdays events to Friday.

We will not run ahead of schedule, to ensure proper rest for the athletes.

All events are finals on Saturday. Multiple heats for relays and distance events, one single heat for an events that had prelims on Thursday.

As I mentioned at the BBQ on Saturday, we needs as much help as we can get formt eh CHS T&F family and friends  If you can help out on those two days in any way, that would be much appreciated. We pride ourselves on running a smooth efficient event, and that is all due to the volunteers we get helping us out.

Please shoot me an email, bseppala19[at]gmail[dot]com , and I can communicate with you on what we need.

Thanks so much, and hope to see lots of folks out supporting us this weekend. This is what we have been working all winter towards, time to step it up!


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