Sunday, May 12, 2013

League Championship Thoughts

-Coming in second by 1/2 of a point on the men's side is a bitter pill to swallow, even after many hours of ruminating on it. But, there is no disputing that the results we posted were excellent. Three weeks ago, after Liberty Bell, if someone had told me we would come in second at League, I would have been ecstatic. Today's results make me very proud of all the hard work the athletes have put in.

-The women, who came in 7th out of twelve teams in our super competitive league should be proud of themselves as well. They worked just as hard as the men, and they had a great showing up these championships as well.

-We had mucho league champions, which gets your picture up on the wall in the building after you graduate. Girls 4 x 1, Boys 4 x 8, Girls High Jump, Boys Two Mile, Boys 400 and Boys 800. That's pretty impressive. I am very proud of that.

-This is over, and now we get to prepare for State Championships. CHSAA will release the heat sheets later on this afternoon, but right now we are looking at quite a few people practicing this week. Practice is closed to only State Meet participants this week, as we need to really be able to focus and prepare for this meet.  Line-ups and schedule will be forthcoming later today, but right now, I really gotta get some sleep.


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