Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Creative Run Ideas

Creative runs are a type of workout I learned in college, from my training with the ski team. It is a combination of aerobic running and strength that utilizes the natural terrain. Run for five minutes, then do a calisthenic exercise for 30-60 seconds. Repeat. Simple. If you are a beginner, you run shorter intervals, more advanced, then you can go longer intervals or a longer overall run. I like them because they are easily adaptable for runners of all levels, they require no extra equipment, and they are an efficient training mode.

Some exercises that I would suggest to do during these creative runs are:

*Tricep Dips (On a park bench)
*Supermans (up & down)
*Slow Bicycle Sit-Ups
*Simple Push-Ups
*Explosion Kicks
*Plank Bridge
*L-Overs (Sit on back, legs straight up in air. Swing both legs together to one side, keeping back flat on ground, then back to the other side. Go slow and deliberate.)
*Tuck Jumps (Bring your knees up high!)
*Puppy Dog Leg Lifts
*WaterPumps (Single Leg Squats)
*Split Squat Jumps

I mean, you don't have to do all of these during every creative run, but it does give you some options to mix it up. So, get outside, get running, get creative, and have fun with it!


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