Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sprinters Workout 12/16/09

Hey winter track kids! Get ready for your first workout--it's a pretty simple straight forward one.

For almost all of the workouts we post we would recommend doing the running at the school on the track so your runs are easily measured. If you cannot make it to the school, don't worry about it, and just run a distance close to the one prescribed. For instance, on today's workout measure something off near your home that is close to 100 meters--remember soccer and football fields are close enough to 100 meters for the purposes of this workout. Also, you could use this helpful tool at trails.com for measuring distances of any lengths.

The rest period may be longer than what you are used to, but stick to them! The idea right now is not to build conditioning, but rather is to build strength. So, do the run, and then rest. We want each run to be your best.

You should bring pen and paper and a watch to time yourself on the running events.

WOD (workout of the day)
5x100meters @ 90% (1-2 seconds slower than your 100 test time)
3 minute rest between each

Front Squats 3x8 (3 sets of 8 reps)

Please post
  1. the times of the runs to the comments afterward.
  2. weights used in the front squats (more lifts to come next week)
  3. questions or comments, but remember we're guests so be appropriate.
Again this is just the first workout posted, check back in the coming days for more. We hope you enjoy yourself, and continuously see improvement.

Private Neale & Sergeant Whitenack

PS Thank you Coach Seppala for letting us use your blog space


Sep said...

Looks like an excellent workout, I hope everyone jogs to the track from their house for a nice warm-up, bangs out those 100's super fast, then a nice easy job home.


P.S. Can I be "Colonel Seppala"?

Ryan said...

Colonel Seppala,

Thank you for reminding me about warm-ups. A jog to the track sounds good. When you guys (athletes) arrive you should do the warm-up we have been doing:
(@ = each leg)
World's Greatest Stretch x 6@
Knee hug to lunge x 6@
Hand walk x 6
Drop lunge x 6@
Inverted hamstring x 6@
Push-up to squat w/ 30m run x 6