Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going sledding

Coach Seppala and I set out on Monday evening to create a sled that the entire Chap track team can have fun with. No, not the sledding kind that you on winter days like today! More like the kind that some people consider to be a moderate torture device--a running sled.

Well, after a little gasoline used driving around, a kind donation from Christy's Sports, a little money for materials, a little filthy language, and a little blood (my own) was spent we had created the masterpiece pictured below.

The Masterpiece. Simply diabolical: it did not feel like much when you were in the middle of the workout
but the pain that came later was great

Come on Seppala! Pull you maggot!

What I really wish I had are pictures of Katelyn, Logan, and I trying it out at the school yesterday. We did eight 30m runs with this baby strapped to us, followed by three 50m runs without it. We gradually increased the weight we were pulling so that the girls ended at 55lbs on the sled. Having pictures or video of that would have been great, but I was (again) too forgetful when leaving the home.

When we switched to the unweighted runs I think we were all a bit shocked by the speed we were all able to hit at some point in the run. I am not used to running fast, so that was definitely a cool feeling. Doing these types of resisted runs (hills, sled pulls, sled push, restraint system of bands or parachutes, etc...) are great for building speed, particularly in the first quarter of a race or coming out of the blocks.

I look forward to...
1. Seeing many track kids use this sled in the winter and spring seasons, and...
2. Making the next sled, pictured Here

Thanks for reading, and remember to leave comments on any workout you do on any day.

Coach Whitenack

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