Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upcoming Dates

Only ten days from now (counting today) is our first indoor meet. On the ninth, we will be heading up to the Univ. of Colorado for the first indoor meet of the USATF-CO 2010 season. This will be a great test of your present fitness, it will allow the coaches to see where you truly stand, and then be able to modify your training based off of that. More info on this meet will be available at practice.

Speaking of practice, our first practice of the new year will be on Monday the 4th of January, right after school in Coach Hawk's room. As usual, be prepared to go outside, it will be a beautiful day weather-wise, I predict.

On the 5th of January, the $350 airline ticket payment for the Disney trip in March is due. I have been trolling on the internets, and the cheapest ticket is still on Southwest, for around 350 bucks. If I can get tickets cheaper than that, I will happily refund the difference to everyone. You can make the checks out to Wolverine Track and Field Club, as that are official club name.

Hope everyone has a great New Years celebration tonight, but make sure to get in a workout today before you head out on the town. :)


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