Monday, December 28, 2009

Sprinters/Jumpers/Throwers Workout 12/29/09

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for Tuesday 12.29.09

The workouts have the same pattern as last week:
Monday- Weights
Tuesday- Running
Wednesday- Weights
Thursday- Running
Friday- Weights (heavy weights, low number of sets and reps) and running

1x6 of the 6 warm up movements
-World's Greatest Stretch
-Knee Hug to Lunge
-Drop lunge
-Inverted Hamstring
-Push-up to squat to accelerate
Warm-up videos from Mark Verstegen at Core Performance

2 x 3 x 350meters
-80% intensity
-3 min rest between reps / 8 min between sets
-Explanation: Run two sets of 3 repetitions of 350m with a 3 min rest between each rep, and 8 min between each set. You will run a total of six 350s. For an athlete that ran a 12 second 100m during testing, they will add 20% of that 100m time to each 100m in todays run. Twenty percent of their 12 second 100 is 2.4sec. So for every 100 they will add 2.4 seconds, times the 350m they will run is 8.4 seconds. This athlete, if they ran their 100% 100m pace for 350m (this is impossible, or they didn't run as hard as they could for the 100m test) they would run a 42 sec 350m (1oom x 3.5 x 12sec =42 sec). Adding that 20% on they will now run a 50.4 second 350. It sounds difficult, but get out there and do it to see how it feels.
For example:

Set #1
Run 350m #1 @ 50.4 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 350m #2 @ 50.4 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 350m #3 @ 50.4 Sec
Rest 8 min
Set #2
Run 350m #1 @ 50.4 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 350m #2 @ 50.4 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 350m #3 @ 50.4 Sec
Rest 8 min (Done)

Too confusing? A calculator for figuring out your running times has been created.
  1. Follow the directions on the attached link.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click on "Edit this page".
  4. That should bring up a new window that you can modify
  5. Please leave it as you found it!

No weights today

Stretch for a minimum of 5 minutes

Please post

1. Running times
2. Questions or comments.

Posted by: Coach Neale & Coach Whitenack (the decision was made that calling ourselves "Private" and "Sergeant" was an insult to the good men and women of our armed forces)

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