Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sprinters/Jumpers/Throwers Workout 12/31/09

Terrible, terrible music on this video but a good tutorial for learning a one-arm push-up. My interest in posting this video is not for methods of learning to do one-arm push-ups, but is rather in how the video demonstrates that achieving a goal (like a one-arm push-up) is a process. You have to build the structure, or scaffolding, before you can remove the supports and evaluate yourself on the goals you have set. Rarely is a goal attained by just constantly trying to reach the goal over and over again (reaching it without work means your goal was too easy; not reaching it, and repeatedly testing it without further exploration could be classically defined as insanity).

for Thursday 12.31.09

The workouts have the same pattern as last week:
Monday- Weights
Tuesday- Running
Wednesday- Weights
Thursday- Running
Friday- Weights (heavy weights, low number of sets and reps) and running

1x6 of the 6 warm up movements
-World's Greatest Stretch
-Knee Hug to Lunge
-Drop lunge
-Inverted Hamstring
-Push-up to squat to accelerate
Warm-up videos from Mark Verstegen at Core Performance

3 x 4 x 90meters
-80% intensity
-3 min rest between reps / 8 min between sets
-Explanation: Run 3 sets of 4 repetitions of 90m with a 3 min rest between each rep, and 8 min between each set. You will run a total of twelve 90s.
-To figure out the pace to run today is a bit more difficult since we are running less than the 100m on which you are basing your running times. Use your math skills, the example below (based on a 12sec 100m test time), or the running time calculator to help you find how fast you should run.

Set #1
Run 90m #1 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #2 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #3 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #4 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 8 min

Set #2
Run 90m #1 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #2 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #3 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #4 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 8 min

Set #3
Run 90m #1 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #2 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #3 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 3 min
Run 90m #4 @ 13.0 Sec
Rest 8 min (done)

A guide to the calculator for figuring out your running times:
  1. Follow the directions on the attached link
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click on "Edit this page"
  4. That should bring up a new window that you can modify
  5. Please leave it as you found it! (i.e. put zeros back in where you entered numbers)
No weights today

Stretch for a minimum of 5 minutes

Please post

1. Running times
2. Questions or comments.

Posted by: Coach Neale & Coach Whitenack

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Brian Seppala said...

I disagree, I think the music is not that bad.

I do like the idea of setting a goal, and then figuring out ways to get to that goal progressively.

It mirrors what the coaches are trying to set up with the athletes.

For example, if you want to be a good miler, you could run the mile at race pace over and over again, every day of the week.

However, I think most people would agree that is a really dumb way of going at it.

So, we do stretching, short and long intervals, slow and fast intervals, long runs, plyometrics, strength, mental work, etc. as scaffolding to achieve this goal.

The actual times you run the mile in the course of the season is about a dozen, but by following the structure, the game plan, or the directions to the goal, you end up achieving that goal.

I like to say, as a coach, we can figure out the directions, but the athlete has to do the actual driving. Coaches can construct the scaffolding, but the athlete has to do the actual work.

See you all Monday!