Friday, December 18, 2009

Sprinters/Jumpers/Throwers Workout 12/18/09

WOD for Friday 12.18.09

1x6 of the 6 warm up movements
Hill Runs 3 x 3 x 30-50m @ 90% 3min/8min rest

This workout will be run on a hill similar to the one between the tennis courts and soccer fields at Chap. Do not get too caught up on what hill it is run on, as long as there is an upgrade. The workout consists of 3 sets of 3 reps for 30-50 meters @ 90% intensity with 3 minutes between reps and 8 minutes between sets. An example of this workout for someone that ran a 12 second 100m during testing would look like the following:
30-50m hill run#1- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 3min
30-50m hill run#2- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 3min
30-50m hill run#3- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 8min
30-50m hill run#1- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 3min
30-50m hill run#2- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 3min
30-50m hill run#3- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 8min
30-50m hill run#1- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 3min
30-50m hill run#2- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down & rest 3min
30-50m hill run#3- approximately 6.5seconds
Walk down

Here is an ideal hill for you to use. Sergeant Whitenack used this hill many a time during his stay in China.

A running calculator to help you with your times.

Front Squat 3x6 (3 sets of 6 reps) add 5lbs to what you did last time.

Stretch for a minimum of 5 minutes

Please post
  1. the times of the runs to the comments afterward.
  2. weights used in the front squat (more lifts to come next week)
  3. questions or comments.
Rest up and have a good start to winter break! Do something active over the weekend, but be safe no matter what it is. More workouts starting Monday.

Posted by: Private Neale & Sergeant Whitenack


Brian Seppala said...

I heart hills! 3 hill sprints, three times. The only thing that can make it better is to do it with a 90 pound sack of rice on your back! Maybe next week we can incorporate that.

Athletes, you might as well do this at the parking lot hill at Chap, to get used to it. We will be there many more times over the course of the season! But, if you can get a plane ticket to China for the week, that works too.

Distance kids, for your fartlek tomorrow, if you want to do this workout with a ten minute warm-up and a ten-minute cool down; and easy jogging between sets, I think that would be fantastic!

Alums in town, think you still got that ol' CHS magic in your legs? Let's see you try this work-out!

And to all the athletes from other schools reading up on us, you are more than welcome to come give this work-out a shot. See you in Parker!


Emily Sant said...

Emily Sant hill times:
1. 9.16
2. 8.26
3. 7.42
4. 9.36
5. 8.01
6. 7.63
7. 9.27
8. 8.43
9. 8.46

Ryan said...

Awesome, Emily! Thank you. I'm interested to see if many others had those same spread in times. I would bet so.

Well, others, let's have it!

Anonymous said...

Hello Private Neale and Sergeant Whitenack!!! This is Katelyn Wojan. I could not get to the gym yesterday so I did some push up pyramids instead, but I will try and get in today so do the front squats. When I showed up at Chaparral to do the hill workout, I was stalked by a coyote so I went to the new stadium and did the hill work on the parking lot there. I totally spaced on timing myself, but I did 100 meters instead of 50 to make up for the lack steepness compared to the Chap hill. It was a really good workout and I felt really really fast and strong on the hill. Thank you for posting these workouts on here, I know they are definitely going to help me in the spring!!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Sergeant and Private Neale. This is The Older Ryan here. I switched it up a bit. I did my active resting stuff yesterday by going on a 45 minute walk...needless to say I got bored. Today however I did the hill sprints and my times were around nine to eleven seconds. Thanks to the world's greatest stretch and the hand walk I can now touch my toes when I am warmed up! I have not done any squats with weights however i did three sets of ten holding the squat for a count of five.

Cory said...

I am VERY excited about two things as I look over the workouts Coach Neale and Coach Whitenack have posted here:

1. I think the workouts are AWESOME! Coach Neale and Coach Whitenack have both worked VERY hard to put together some incredibly high quality workouts. All of the most important aspects of our winter training are addressed: Speed, strength, flexibility, smart recovery, more strength and more speed! Kudos to Mr. Neale and Mr. Whitenack!

2. I LOVE the fact that there are athletes doing the workouts and posting results. Good for you guys! I hope even more athletes step up and do the same thing! The training we are doing now is CRUCIAL to our success as a team this spring. CRUCIAL! Keep working out, keep posting data so the coaches can keep putting together quality workouts.

Coach Hawk

Ryan said...

Katelyn, way to improvise on the workout. It is okay that you did not do the squats. It is what we would prefer you to do, but you did the right thing: you substituted something that was difficult. We want it to be close and representative in motion and in difficulty. Substituting push-ups for weighted front squats can be similar in difficulty, but not so much in motion. To match the motion you could have done some air squats (a ton of them), lunges, or picked up the lazyboy at your house and some squats with it.

Also, keeping the distance close to the same (50m) would have been okay. I like the effort of 100m, but also think that you are gonna be running real fast for that 50. If you did add meters I would add 10-20.

Thank you so much for posting.

Ryan said...

Older Ryan,

I just tasted your salsa at the Hawk household. Delicious!

Thank you for posting. I am ecstatic that you are seeing improvements from the stretching. That's why we do it (and that's why it is called the World's Greatest Stretch).

Those sound like good times for the hills. I am interested to know which ones were slower, and which were faster. For example #s 6&7 in a workout like this tend to be the slowest.

Ryan said...

Thanks, Coach Hawk!

I am very happy to see some replies from these guys. I am excited to see some more starting Monday.