Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early Unofficial Preview of League - Boys

From a Chaparral Point of view, this is what I am thinking for C.L (Continental League) Championships for the men.  This is all very unofficial, I am looking at stats at 4:00 in the morning.  I am sure I made a few errors, and I know these marks are only going to get better as the year goes along.  But, it gives us all something to shoot for, to work towards.  If we work hard every day, then Saturdays results will fall into lace.  But, you need to bust your tails every day in practice.  We have been doing that very well so far, but we need to ramp it up now.  Listen to your coaches, execute their instructions, inspire the younger kids, push the older kids.  Every guy in this team is of equal importance, and every guy on this team can contribute to a championship.  If you choose to do the work, the results will speak for themselves.

100m - Gavin is tops, but the 8th place guy in C.L. is running a 11.57 right now.  We can sneak one of our guys in there, right?

200m - Gavin is tops here again, and we got Curtis at 5th in C.L..  The 8th place guy is running a 24.00.  Can we get one more guy in that final at league?  I think so.  Three guys in that 200 final would be HUGE points.

400m- Our best guy here is Nate, at 3rd.  8th is running a 52.8.  That's totally do-able, we can get at least one more guy under that time by League  Champs.

800m- Nate is our best guy here again, 2nd in C.L.  The 8th place guy is at 2:03.  We might get two guys faster than that, we just have to keep working hard every day in practice.

1600m- Nate and Keagan are 5th & 6th in C.L.  8th place is 4:44.  Not out of reach, but I want to see Nate & Keagan move up those rankings a little bit more.  They can do it, I believe in them.

3200m- Keagan is tops here, but 8th is a only 10:30.  I know we got two or three guys that can crack that number.  Scoring even one point at League could make a huge difference, I've been saying that all year.

300H- 8th palce in the C.L. is a 44.14.  Cam is going to smash that number, so I need to start betting on him. :)

110H- We are a little thin here, but all teams have one area of weakness.  I am confident we can make up for that.

PV- Ryan is 6th at 12-0, but 8th is 10-6.  I think we got three guys that can get in the top 8 at C.L. there, right Jimmy?

HJ- 8th place is 5-10.  Do we have someone that can high jump 5-10?  I don't know, but I think we can get someone there in the next five weeks.  Any takers?

TJ- 8th is 40-3.  That's a big mark.  I think we got some guys that can go over that mark though.

SP- Brendon is 3rd in C.L., 8th is 42-1.  That seems like a very attainable mark for our second and third guys, I know that is what Nick throws in his sleep.

DC-Brendon is 2nd, but 8th is 118-6.  Again, do we have any sexy heavies who are gonna get in the top 8 at League?

4x100- We're ranked 2nd, and we can move up into 1st by League.  We got the thoroughbreds to do that for sure.

4x200- We're ranked 1st in C.L., and that is great.  Now, let's keep working hard to stay there.  No complacency.

4x400- 8th in C.L. is a 3:37.  If we want to achieve our goals, we need a strong 4 x 400 team.  We got the horses, now let's start racing it like it means something.

4x800m- We're ranked 2nd in C.L.  We can move up; again, it just takes total effort and commitment at pracitce.

Wow, that is a long list, but I am glad I looked at all those numbers.  It gives me a great feeling about this team.  But, right now, these numbers count for nothing.  In fact, they mean nothing even the day before League Championships.  It is all about how you actually perform on that weekend.  I am confident we will perform well.  These stats should give you hope.  We have a really good chance to do a lot of damage in May.  If we continue to work hard and continue to improve every day, I like our chances, a lot.


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