Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mullen Entires 2011

Whew, just finished composing the CHS entries from the giant start list Mullen sent us.  I searched for CHAP in the file, and found us in 36 events!  Wow, that might be a record for us!  I have sent the entire file to Coach Hawk to double check, but I am fairly certain we are in 36.

I'm sure you all know this already, but the Mullen Invite is a very important, high-end track meet.  It will have the best competition we have faced so far in the season (even without Castle View HS, a strong League rival), and even though there are no team scores, state qualifying marks are ready to be had if you bring your "A" game.

Anyone who is not on this list will be competing in the JV meet at CHS on Friday.  Unfortunately, not everyone we entered made it into the Mullen Invite, as the standards are quite high for open events.   However, the JV meet on Friday will have some excellent competition, and I am confident the JV participants will run very, very well.

So, start getting some sleep!  Make sure you eat lots of whole foods!  Stay super-hydrated!  This is a focus meet, one we have been training for.  I expect some great marks on Saturday, continuing our progression towards elite status by the end of the season! 


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