Saturday, April 2, 2011

Personal Bests

What a weekend for some 2011 personal bests. Between the expertly coached JV meet on Thursday, and the big time varsity meet today, I wagered over 15 individual and relay 2011 personal bests fell. That is fantastic news, considering this week was a hard week of training in our yearly cycle.

Take a close look at the sheets above, I keep track of all events from the 800 and up. Coach Boymel has all of the data for the 400 kids, and tons of 2011 P.B.'s fell there as well. Ots of times with 3/31 and 4/2 as the dates!

Looking forward to another good solid week of training, Coach Boymel is running the show Monday with "Death by Quarters" and I am in charge Wednesday with "Race Repeats on Grass". Her workout sounds a lot more gruesome than mine, but both will make you super fast for this weekend's racing.


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