Thursday, April 21, 2011


When Chloe wakes up, either from her nap or first thing in the morning, she has developed a unique way of announcing herself to the world.  She sits in her crib, half-awake, and just screams "Ma.....Maaaa!.... Mama... Ma!" until we finally go get her.  It's a funny scene; a dim room, Chloe sitting in the corner of the crib, hair all over the place, yelling in a short clipped voice.

Beth finally figured out what it reminds us of, the following NSFW-langauge clip from Wedding Crashers. She sounds *just* like Will Ferrell.

That's pretty funny.



Steven said...

hahaha I bet its not funny at 4 in the morning though lol. hopefully she is making it through the night now!

Brian Seppala said...

Yeah, pre-7:00, it's not as funny. But, she has been sleeping thru the night much better recently, we are psyched!