Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finally, a running post...

Coach Whitenack tweeted this link about the history of barefoot running. Not just the history of the famous race in Central America, but the real history, dating all the way back 100 years.  As an aside, if you are on tiwtter, you should follow Coach Whitenack.  He does not tweet a lot, but when he does, it is worth your while.  Follow him @Ryannack

Check it out here:  NY Times Magazine, The Once and Future Way to Run.

Even though it is written by Chris McDougall, who is the most famous proponent of barefoot running, what I got formt he article is about form, not footwear.  How you should land on your forefoot, not your heel, no matter what type of shoe you are wearing. How ankle angle, and keeping your head up contribute to good form.  It references the Pose method, which is related to the Chi method, which is related to the Evolution method.  (See a great write-up of these methods here.)

So, read the article, tell me what you think.  And get ready to try and do the 100-up on the first day of practice on the 14th!!



Teidt said...

Born to Run by Chris McDougall isn't entirely about form and things like that but it goes into a lot of practices that making running better and will make you a better runner, Also it's just a really good read.

Brian Seppala said...

I loved that book, read it in about two days over the summer. I agree, it is not just about barefoot running, but it really did spawn the huge revolution of running with as little shoe as possible.