Friday, November 18, 2011

Online Training Log

Training logs are super important, especially during the off-season.  I still have handwritten training logs from my high school days, are they are a valuable resource to my training and racing.  They were valuable to me to look at, but uber-valuable for my coaches to look at to see how my training was progressing and how it can be made even better!

Nowadays, however, the online training log options are spectacular.  If you have a GPS watch, or you run with a smartphone, you can automatically track and upload all of your training instantly!  You run with your fancy watch or phone, plug it into your computer, get online, and zoooop, up it goes into your training log!

So, your homework for this weekend, other than the running of course, is to get going on  Register on that community, send an invite out to me for your street team, and use it to enhance your training and racing!


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