Monday, November 14, 2011

Great First Day!

WOW!  With almost 40 kids showing up to practice today, I was very excited about our first day of practice.

I was pumped to see all the returning faces, and excited to see some news ones as well.  Hopefully everyone gets signed up at and we can all become "street teammates".  As I told one athlete today, we are a team, and the goal is to make you, the athlete, fast.  Open communication between coach and athlete is the only way to achieve that goal. Online training logs are a great way to keep that communication open.  Sign up to now, don't wait!

For practice today, we ran a 1600 m time trial today in some chilly blustery conditions, and I though all the runners did extremely well.  This is our baseline data point for now, the one we will build all of our tempo intervals and Kenyan run paces from.  (Yep, we're doing Kenyans, but not for a while.)

Nov. 14th, 2011 - 1600m TT - CHS Track

Remember, BRC shoe night is Tuesday night, hope to see lots of you there!  And one last piece of logistical info.  I got some paperwork from some kids, some checks from some kids, some USATF numbers from some kids.  All of the paperwork and fees need to be in by Monday the 21st, get it down now, so you don't have to worry about it!



coleman said...

I bet Travis... Not that it matters because it time trials but haha

Brian Seppala said...

Did you? I had you behind him by three sends. But, it was pretty crazy at the finish line, so I very well could've made a mistake. You're right though, this first time trial is not about who beats who, it's about getting the right training paces for y'all. And, judging by today's workout, I think we accomplished exactly that! SEP

Brian Seppala said...

"sends" should be "seconds", of course.