Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tempo Repeats

Training in the gold zone makes you rich!

Today we did tempo intervals, in groups based upon ability levels.  I was pleased that each group ran about 18 min worth in the "gold zone", which is great for pushing that lactate threshold up.  Running right below the "orange zone" in a controlled comfortable manner will make you a better runner in so many ways, it will take a separate post for me to explain.  So, you'll just have to trust me, today was a great workout for everyone, and you all should be happy with the important deposit of gold running you made in your training bank today.

Excellent work from everyone, but make sure to get me your paperwork and fees and such on Monday!  You cannot have another great practice without all of that turned in.  You need Wolverine Track Club paperwork found here, a USATF membership number found here, and a check for 50 dollars written out to CHS T&F.  Thanks go out to the athletes who have already taken care of that.

Have a great captain's practice, see you all Monday!


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Dominic said...

Well it started off as a pretty easy Workout. But as it went on it got slightly more challenging. It wasn't too hard. And it was fun!