Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Music Post

Sitting in front of the computer on a snow day. wow things have changed since Pearl Jam was the only thing I would listen to.  Back in those early 90's, snow days meant skiing, skiing and more skiing.  Driving crazy-a$$ roads to the trails, trying to get at least three hours in, then a strength session, then tiredly driving home.  Man, those were the days, huh? :)

And all we listened to was Pearl Jam, who is featured here:  ( alerted me to this YouTube clip, but I have spent twenty minutes digging though more.)

I think a lot of bands can be instantly recognized by one aspect of their music.  The Police with Stewart Copeland on drums.  Or Primus with Les Clapyool on bass.  But Pearl Jam, to me, is all about Eddie Vedder's voice.  Just watch this song, my favorite one from their first album.

Just awesome, just frickin' awesome!

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