Monday, November 28, 2011

Tempo Ladders Details

For those of you that have a account, (and it should be ALL of you), we ran about 7000 meters today.  Probably about 600-800 meters in warm-up/cool-down, and a little over 6400 meters of gold pace intervals.  Sure, it was in a circle over and over again, but running is running, and you should post in your training logs, be proud of it, and build from it.

I really liked how the recovery breathing went.  I like the fact that we are actively recovering, focusing on our bodies, instead of just mindlessly paying attention to the watch.  When you run, you have to be in charge of your body.  Not the watch, not the coach, racing is something you control.

Excellent job everyone, have fun on the captains run tomorrow, and see y'all for an epic creative run on Wednesday!


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