Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tying up Loose Ends

47!  Wow, we have 47 athletes signed up for Wolverine Winter Track, that is fantastic!  47 kids all at practice working hard, being dedicated, achieving excellence; that is awesome!  (However, only 41 have paid the appropriate fees.  If you are one of the six, make your checks out to CHS T&F, or you will not practice next time out.)

I am missing USATF membership numbers and Wolverine TC paperwork from Coleman, Corrina, Devin, Emilie, Fred, James, Jaylene, Jess, Kaylee, Kristen, Mariah, Nolan, and Olivia.  I am missing just a USATF membership number from Ryan.  I am mssing just Wolverine TC paperwork from Gracie.

No USATF membership or no Wolverine TC paperwork, no practice, no exceptions.  I gotta have that proof of insurance and emergency numbers before I can let you practice, it is for your safety first!

Please sign up for Runkeeper.com, so I can help with your training over Thanksgiving Break.  The prescribed workouts are on the left sidebar, make sure to find the time to complete not only the running portion of the workout, but the lunges to warm-up with, and the push-ups to finish with.  Running is important, but so is general strength at this stage of our training.  General strength prevents injuries and allows us to train harder in the spring.  Don't neglect general strength!  It's just as crucial as running!

Have a happy Turkey Day everyone.  See you next Monday!


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