Thursday, January 5, 2012

1600 m TT Analysis & Thoughts

January 1600 m TT Results (sorted by percent improvement)
The chart above is the data from yesterday's 1600 m TT, but instead of sorting it by fastest time, i sorted it by improvement.  As you can see, we had three kids improve their 1600m times by over ten percent, which is an AMAZING amount for such a short race as a mile.  Granted, some of the improvements from all the athletes could be due to the perfect weather conditions to run in, but I think a lot of it was due to getting in lots of miles over the past two months. The athletes did almost no formal speedwork, only a few fartleks here and there, and to show the gains that they did is a testament to the commitment to running over the last few months and especially over winter break.

January 1600 m TT Improvement Amounts
And this is just a graph that shows how many athletes made certain amounts of improvement.  Not really useful, but interesting nonetheless.


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