Sunday, January 1, 2012

Break's Over

I hope everyone had a great X-mas and a thrilling New Years Eve.  The Seppala family had a great holiday, with family coming into town, a wonderful Christmas morning, and tons of cross country skiing up at Devils Thumb Ranch the past few days.

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One thing I tried to work on when I was skiing, other than having fun of course, was my tempo. I tried to quicken the pace of my skiing, not going faster, or working harder, but just a quicker turn-over.  I found it helped my skiing quite a bit, especially when I focused on it.  I went faster, using the same amount of energy.  The same translates for running.  Sometimes smaller steps,with your hips more under your center of gravity, can translate into more efficient running.  Technique and efficiency are going to be main subjects of study and practice for the next couple of months.  We will not totally re-work your running form, but we will try to make you more efficient at it.

So, I hope everyone got lots of miles and lots of strength in over break.  To see how well everyone did at their training, we will conduct a mile time trial on Wednesday.  Until then, do a short fartlek tomorrow, and an easy shake-out run on Tuesday.  See you all after school on Wednesday!


P.S.  If you see Coach Whitenack, congratulate him on his engagement!

P.P.S. Everyone who sent me their shirt sizes, thank you!  I am ordering some late gifts, hopefully they will be in soon!

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