Thursday, January 26, 2012

Missing Practice

Even though I missed practice yesterday, I have heard from multiple athletes that everything went really well. It was a little windy, but athletes fought through the microscopic moving air molecules, and still hit their pace times consistently.  I assume, even with the cube closed, the simple leg circuits went well too.  Remember, speed is important, but without strength, speed will not hold up.  But, you guys were awesome, working hard and making the time training productive is really a sign of a mature team. Even though we are young in age, times like this show high levels of experience and maturity and that really bodes well for the upcoming season.

With intervals yesterday, a nice easy long run today is crucial, with a short recovery run Friday and a quality overdistance run on Saturday/Sunday.  And by overdistance, most of you should be close to a 90 minute run.  The weather looks good for Saturday, so  get out there bright & early and get those miles in.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to miss Monday's practice as well. I know, I know, I talk about commitment, and I miss two practices in a row. But my excuse is good, Beth and I have a baby appointment at the  midwifery, as Thing2 is due at the end of Spring Break.

What that means in the long run, is I will be relying on all you guys to continue being mature, being responsible and taking ownership of your training.  You know me, I was the the State Meet the day Chloe was born, so I will do my best to be there for you as much as humanly possible.  But, Chloe cannot fend for herself just yet, and you guys can, so she gets first dibs.  There will be days when I am there late, when I have to leave early, or when I am not there at all.  But, I promise I will be in constant contact with all of you, I will always have training plans, race strategy and critical analysis for you, even from afar, and I promise this will not negatively affect your championship season.  It is just a bump in the road early in the season.

So, for Monday's practice, it will be on your own, and it is another Dartmouth Run.  Head out a a decent pace for 20-30 minutes in one direction, then turn around and push it back in.  We're looking for negative splits, a faster "back" than the "out".  When you finish, do the simple leg circuit routine. Wednesday will be intervals, maybe a kenyan run, or perhaps some type of ladder workout, but it will be a fast day, just like yesterday.

Question, comments, observations?  Shoot me a text!


EDIT: I forgot to mention, after your Dartmouth Run, head back to the Grandview Hill, (or a similar long not-too-steep hill) and please do 7 wind sprints, with the last one being as hard as you can go.  And since this Dartmouth Run did not involve any strength work, you will need to do a push-up pyramid after the wind sprints.  This can be done at home, but since we are entering into February, we are going to start at 15, not 10.  Added difficulty for added strength.  Do not neglect your strength!

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