Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monday Workout

With no school on Monday, we will not have an official practice. That's OK, as the practice that was scheduled is easy to do on your own. I call them "Dartmouth Runs", after the urban legend of the Dartmouth XC team "kidnapping" an unsuspecting freshman athelete in the middle of the night, throwing him in the back of a truck blindfolded, then dropping him off miles from school. He has to run back to campus in the early morning light, and the last few miles were always faster than the first. Now, this is an urban legend, there is no truth to it, but imagine being in a place you have never really been before, a college campus the first few weeks. You get absconded, and when the blindfold is removed, your last sight is a car of upperclassmen driving off into the sunrise. I would run pretty fast too, expecially in the wilds of central NH!

For tomorrow's Dartmouth Runs, there will be no abducting, no blindfolding, no breaking of laws. I just want you to do an out-and-back, at least three miles total, with the "back" being faster than the "out". Don't go super slow on the way out, but I do want you to try to pick it up on the way back. Running negative splits like this will train your gold system, as well as teach how to run faster when you are more tired, whjich is what needs to happen in a race. You can do this run on the bike trail, on some quiet roads, wherever, just make sure to run faster coming back than you did on the way out. Text me with any questions, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Now, the Tues/Thus kids should not really try to do this. I would recommend an easy jog, with lots of form drills, some hurdle drills, and some core work. Your Tuesday practice will be tough, so we need to save your energy for that.

See some of you at gymnastics on Tuesday night, and all of you for a normal interval practice on Wednesday.


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