Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sprinter Specificity

We had a great coaches meeting last night, we hashed out a lot of stuff. Everything from schedules (not a lot of "away" meets) to unifrom dispersal to time trials to coaching models, we hammered out a ton of stuff.

The big thing we took care of was getting more 200/400 athlete specifc workouts incorporated into winter track practice. In years past, the focus has been on the long distance kids, as that was what the coahcing staff was comfortable doing. Now, with some new blood and some new ideas, we can focus on those middle distance kids and get them ready for the season as well.

I don't know much about sprinting, but I do know that you need ot run less, but faster, than my the long distance kids do during the pre-season phase. So, on Tuesdays and Thursday, some kids will be working on just that, running less, but running faster. I think those kids have a great base, and we can start working on some critical speedwork with them. And who knows, maybe some of the long distance kids will jump in to those workouts!


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