Thursday, March 1, 2012

Basic Shoe Recommendations

Tonight is Spike Night at Boulder Running Company, DTC, rain or shine or snow or sleet or tornado.  I hope to see lots of athletes there, from all disciplines, as proper footwear is a very important part of becoming a great track athlete.
Training Shoes

The one shoe that everyone, thrower to distance kid needs, is a good pair of trainers.  You can't practice in skateboarding shoes, or basketball shoes, or Vans.  A good pair of properly fitted trainers will become your 90% of the time shoe for practice and training.  They will prevent injuries, allow you to train faster and longer, and they are super comfortable as well.

Track Spikes

The next most important shoe is a pair of competition spikes.  The specific style of shoe depends on your events, as high jumpers will not wear discus flats.  All levels of athletes will need competition shoes, and the best time to get them is tonight, when there are coaches and BRC staff available to set you up perfectly.  While you can compete in trainers, you can compete better in spikes.

10k Racing Flats
The last shoes I want to talk about is kind of an in-between shoe.  For athletes that will be doing longer intervals, 500 m or longer, spikes are not the best shoe.  Nor are trainers.  While XC flats will suffice, something with a touch more support and control will be the best in the long run.  I have the exact pair pictured, and I love them.  For hill repeats, for long tempo repeats, they are a perfect combination of lightness and support.

Footwear is pretty important in track & field.  If you take care of your feet, they will take care of you!


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