Friday, March 30, 2012

Hill Work Video

Above is a short clip of the hill work we did today. (Ignore the airplane overhead and the choppy video.)  These hills were after the pace changers, but before the endless relay.  RyanK is closest to the camera, and ZachY is behind him.  The point of this video is to illustrate good arms.  RyanK has been working super hard for almost a year and a half on his upper body form, and today it was really shining through.  No pause at the top of the arm swing, no breaking of the plane across his body, and no bending of the elbow.  Those powerful quick arm strides means he has powerful legs underneath him powering him up that hill.  Great job RyanK!!

Overall, I though we had a great week of practice.  We had a super successful day on Monday, a fantastic day on Wednesday, and a really heard and deep set of workouts today.  It was a great week of training, and the long run tomorrow is going to bring it all together.  Don't neglect the long run, push yourself in a different way (not a speed way, but a duration way) for one more day.  Make this week of training the nest one we have had all year!

Also, take the time to do all of the little things that champions do in order to make all of the big things we have done this week stick in your system efficiently.  Stay super hydrated, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and get a good nights sleep every night.  Ice your legs, stretch, and repeat positive thoughts to yourself. Those are all great things to do to make you reach your potential.

See you all Monday!


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