Friday, March 23, 2012

March 22 JV Meet Thoughts

I was pretty happy with how everything went at the JV meet yesterday.  I didn't get to see ANY of the field events, but I witness all of the track events, and also saw tons of varsity kids pitching in to help out with the meet. It was great to see all CHAP athletes cheering, supporting and working to make this JV meet well-run and smooth.  The opposing coaches all commented on how well the meet was carried out, and that is a tribute to all the athletes who pitched in.

I just crunched all of the results, mailed them out, and updated our season best lists. Here are some results that stood out to me.

Alex M breaking 6:00 in the 1600
Fred C breaking 45 in the 300 H
Andrew D and Alex M. breaking 77 in the Discus
Nolan L breaking 32 in the Shotput
Devin R getting "this close" to going under 19 in the 110 H
Caleb L breaking 58 in the 400

I am sure I missed some results, but those were the ones that really stood out in a crowd. Excellent work everyone, let's make sure this mojo carries over to tomorrow at Sports Authority Stadium!


P.S. Why didn't we think of moving the hurdles like this years ago! Thanks Susan, for capturing this pic!

Chris, Dane, Drew and Captain Jack Sparrow!

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