Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Minute Eggs

Every year, during Spring Break, we do three minute eggs, a workout that is traditionally the hardest one of the early season.  Every year, we run about 400 meters, sometimes on grass, sometimes on snow; sometimes with a large hill, sometimes on the flats, sometimes we run in fast shoes, sometimes in trainers over uneven ground, sometimes it is calm, sometimes (like today) it is super windy.  But, every year, it is a really tough practice, and every year, the athletes step up and lay down an excellent workout.

I tried to keep track today of how many three minute eggs each athlete ran with no breaks, and this is my (unofficial) list:

James: 30
Bacon: 30
Goose: 30
I think this was photoshopped.
Kiwi: 30
Bryce: 30
Ross: 30
Ice: 30
Spence: 30
Rummler: 29
Landon: 20
Laura: 20
Eric: 20
Julia: 20
Jill: 18
Shannon: 18
Rob: 17
Alec: 16
Whitney: 15
JJ: 13
Alleah: 10
Jessie: 10
Corey: 9
Kaleb: 9
Caleb: 8

What was really impressive was how the kids who finished up early went down the backstretch and cheered on the kids that were still hammering them out.

Overall, it was an excellent morning of work for everyone!


P.S. Just heard from afternoon practice, 40 mph winds or higher has made practice almost impossible. Although judging from these pics, practice looked pretty hard this morning. Thanks Susan, these are great shots!

Rounding the first turn, full group of about 20

Coming down the hill, into the wind

Just finished number 19

Just finished number 30, COLLAPSE!

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Jared Liberatore said...

Throwing sure was fun a few hours ago! Gotta love Colorado